Jeck and I, a young Husband and Wife tandem, have always been a happy and fun-loving couple. We both have our own strengths, and together, we complement each other pretty well. However, we still pursue on learning more techniques and ways on how to make our clients have a more meaningful event and planning. Jeck has been in the wedding scene for almost a decade now; from layout artist, to a freelance photographer, to being a studio owner. Honestly, I have always enjoyed watching him work, because he is always so passionate about photography, about The PaperProject. As for me, my journey started as an Events Associate. I spent 5 “learning” years for a wedding caterer until 1 day, grateful to God, I saw my long-time hobby turn into something really beautiful… because now, I am a photographer and an owner of my own line. Thank You, Lord. Thank you, Jeck.

Let’s dig into a more personal Jeck and I, shall we? Well, Jeck likes collecting toys. He is super into Funko Pops, PS4, and statues. For him, they bring him back to his childhood! Oh, and he’s an NBA fan too! He loves reading books, which he uses in strategizing for PaperProject. As for me…have you seen our blogs? The one with Tagalog poems/verses in them? I did the newer ones, while Jeck lay outs all our blog posts. Perfect combination, my Husband and I! I am more into talking to people (and kids – yep, ‘cause sometimes they have their own language!). I like learning and doing something new. So now you can see, everything has its balance.

Our workflow is not too far from our personalities. We like shooting moments, candidness, and how raw every emotion can be. We want to see the smiles, the tears, the dancing, and what have you. We find beauty not in the extravagance of the event, but on the realness and sincerity of it. Everything is about YOU and that’s WHAT WE WANT to capture…so when you look back on your photos, you’ll just smile (maybe with tears of joy) and reminisce how beautiful that day was.

“We shoot real people, with real stories. And we love that.”

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