Exploring a part of SG

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A photographer’s haven as they say, Singapore is known to be a “sita” free country. I got here to shoot a prenup and well as expected it wasn’t a hassle stopping by at places where we can shoot, even in train stations men how cool is that? I got to eat some SG foods but forgot to take pictures of it because it’s more fun eating it sorry guys. :D SG_01SG – where Lions roar and Jeck trolls.. hihihi :D SG_02 SG_03Transient house in SG where we stayed. :D SG_04 SG_05 SG_06 SG_07Yeah we do rest for a while. :) SG_08 SG_09 SG_10 SG_11Squiky the Squirrel, can you find him? :D SG_12 SG_13Clarke Quay = Beers, beers and lots of beers. :D SG_14Hey there Mr. Bicycle man. SG_15 SG_16 SG_17 SG_18 SG_19 SG_20 SG_21 SG_22 SG_23 SG_24 SG_25 SG_26 SG_27 SG_28 SG_29 SG_30So little money to spend, forgot to do some budgeting.  SG_31 SG_32 SG_33 SG_34 SG_35 SG_36SG_37 SG_38 SG_39

See you again SG! :D

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