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“Oct.25,2021 – our wedding day. This is the day that we’re all waiting for. Morning pa lang super lakas na ng ulan. I was really worried kung pano kakalabasan sa pictures kasi once in a lifetime lang ako ikakasal and we really invested sa photovid kasi Drew and I decided na yun yung magiging priority namin kasi that’s the only thing that we can rewatch over and over again and show to our future kids as well. Since malakas pa rin yung ulan outside, we were doing photoshoot inside lang. Everyone is really praying for the rain to stop because I really want to have a different venue for the ceremony and reception. If ever na di magsstop yung rain, our venue for the ceremony and reception would be the same sa indoors. Then God heard our prayer, I was surprised when I went out for the ceremony na nasa labas na yung setup. Apparently, Drew decided to have the setup outdoors and trust God that the rain will stop and it will all work out. And it did. God made it sunny just in time before the ceremony. Everyone’s saying that the pouring rain from morning before the ceremony around 3PM means blessings for us. That it would not be a testimony if we did not show how rooted is our faith in God that we trusted Him to make the rain stop for our wedding.

If I would describe our wedding, I would say it was a glorious wedding indeed. Since Drew and I are Christians, and most of our family and guests are not, our goal is really to inspire them how a wedding would look like when the couple obeyed God and waited for the right moment to do things that are only meant to be done by married couples. That it’s possible to end up with someone who’s right for you as long as you wait patiently. It is truly rewarding to get married when both of our families approved it and gave their blessings. They saw how we both value each other since our goal is to be married to each other as early as when we’re still dating. I would say that our wedding opened the eyes of those couple who are in a relationship that it’s okay to get married already even when you’re only in your 20s. As well as for those who are single that it’s okay to be single for a time being. That the right one will come so long as you maximize your single-hood and prepare yourself on how you can be your best when it’s time to enter in a relationship. Drew and I both waited for a long time before we end up with each other. Drew’s my first boyfriend and he’s single for 10 years before he courted me. As what I’ve said in my vows, God really hears our prayers because he gave me the best husband I could ever ask for. Our wedding day is just one day and some of our friends and family may not remember it few years from now, but it’s the day that my husband and I will cherish forever. It is also a day where you cannot control everything. Some things will not go according to your plans no matter how early you started preparing for it. You just have to let go and let God. At the end of the day, it all boils down on the quality of our marriage. As what we said, marriage is a gift from God to us. The quality of our marriage is our gift to Him. “

“Hinay lang, puso ko,
Mabilis masyado ang tibok mo.
Nakita ka lang, parang lulukso.
Katuparan ito ng lahat ng panalangin ko.

Nagsimula sa isang sulyap,
Hanggang naabot kita, aking pangarap.
Saksi and Diyos, sa gitna ng bagyo, magkaharap.
Sa lahat ng bukas, ayaw ko na kumurap.”

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